Walmart Wholesale refers to Walmart's business operations that cater to bulk purchasing, typically aimed at businesses, resellers, or large consumers looking to buy products in large quantities at discounted rates. Walmart operates in the wholesale space through its subsidiary Sam's Club, which functions as a membership-only warehouse club. Additionally, Walmart provides wholesale services through its B2B platforms and partnerships.

Key Features of Walmart Wholesale


Bulk Purchasing:

Offers a wide range of products in bulk quantities, suitable for businesses or organizations that require large volumes of merchandise.


Membership Benefits (Sam’s Club):

Sam's Club requires a membership, which provides access to bulk pricing, exclusive deals, and additional services like pharmacy discounts, travel services, and more.


Variety of Products:

Includes categories such as groceries, electronics, office supplies, furniture, cleaning supplies, and more.


Online Platform:

Both Walmart and Sam’s Club offer online platforms where businesses can order wholesale products and have them delivered to their premises.


Business Accounts:

Special accounts tailored for businesses may include additional benefits such as tax-exempt purchasing, purchase tracking, and dedicated customer service.

Benefits of Walmart Wholesale


Cost Savings:

Significant discounts on bulk purchases compared to regular retail prices.



One-stop shop for a wide range of products, reducing the need to source from multiple suppliers.


Membership Perks:

Additional benefits and services are exclusive to Sam's Club members.



Trust in Walmart’s reputation for quality and customer service.


Flexible Ordering:

Ability to order online with options for delivery or pickup.

How to Access Walmart Wholesale Services


Join Sam’s Club:

Purchase a membership to Sam’s Club to access wholesale prices and benefits.


Create a Business Account:

Register for a business account with Walmart or Sam's Club to access tailored services and tax benefits.


Shop Online or In Store:

Utilize the online platforms or visit physical stores to make bulk purchases.


Leverage Business Services:

Take advantage of additional business services such as dedicated customer support, bulk order handling, and financing options if available.


Walmart Wholesale, primarily through Sam’s Club, offers a comprehensive solution for businesses and large consumers seeking to purchase products in bulk. With substantial cost savings, a broad product range, and additional membership benefits, Walmart Wholesale is a valuable resource for businesses looking to optimize their procurement processes.