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Why Choose Us Over The Competiton?


U.S.-Based Operations

With more than a hundred employees and a 50,000 square foot warehouse in Miami, Florida, we have direct control over the picking, packing, and shipping processes associated with our operations. We invite our clients to tour our warehouse operations every quarter.


Disclosure Documents

In compliance with U.S. federal law, we provide prospective clients with disclosure documents that outline our legal history, refund policy, references to existing Ecom Authority clients, and more so they can make an informed decision before entering into an Agreement.


Product Buyback or Replacement Program

If the product purchased for your store does not sell within 90 days of becoming eligible for sale on the FBA marketplace, we offer a 90-day buyback guarantee for unsold product.*


Store Buyback Program

If your store doesn’t earn your Initial Payment back within three years, we’ll buy your store back for the difference in what you paid and what you’ve earned to date


Member of Amazon’s SPN Network

As a certified and trusted member of Amazon’s SPN Network, we have the unique ability to manage our clients’ accounts directly through Amazon.

Our Onboarding Process:

Before we start spending any marketing dollars, we have to outline a clear set of goals and create the right strategy for your business. Here is how we do it:

1. Brand Deep Dive

We’ll first conduct a thorough deep dive into your brand to understand your product, your profit margins, your inventory and new product line-up for the next 12 months.

2. Tools and Analytics

Our sophisticated tech stack allows us to access the right analytics and tools to understand your cash flow, profits, and heart of your business. Those tools will unite metrics from all paid channels and your Shopify store. Remember: It’s crucial that you understand your key business metrics and partner with a team that understands your profitability.

3. Set Profit Goals

Every dollar spent needs to be accountable to profit. At this stage, we’ll not only help you generate revenue projections; we’ll also figure out how to allocate appropriate marketing budgets and inventory for the year so you can hit all your revenue goals.

4. Strategy

Growth Marketing Strategy will consist of all major marketing channels.

1. Website UI/UX

2. Creative Strategy

3. Paid Social Strategy: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest

4. Paid Search Strategy: Google Shopping, Non-Branded Search, Branded Search and YouTube. We’ll also plan to advertise on Bing if your product caters to older demographics

5. Email Marketing Strategy: Grow your customer list, build robust email automation and come up with email marketing campaign calendar

6. SMS Marketing Strategy: SMS marketing automation and campaign calendar