Amazon Wholesale

Amazon Stores allow you to showcase your brand and products in a multipage, immersive shopping experience. In your Store, shoppable images help customers see your products in context, engage with their details, and add them directly to their carts. No matter the size of your brand, Stores give you an immersive place to introduce audiences to your story, mission, and products.

Amazon Private Label

Private label products are goods manufactured by one company, to be branded and sold by another. These products typically already exist in the market; as a private label retailer, you are simply putting your own branding twist on a product. And chances are, your manufacturer is producing the same product for another brand. This means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or develop a brand new concept to sell products under your own unique brand. Private labeling is a common practice amongst the biggest retailers in the world — not just Amazon sellers.

Amazon Reinstatement

Amazon will send you a performance notification explaining your account has been suspended and your right to appeal the suspension. Account reinstatement can take as little as 48 hours for simple issues but more complex issues can sometimes take weeks or even months. Amazon Sellers Attorney is here to help you, if your account has been suspended or deactivated due to breaches of Amazon’s policies and Section 3 of the Business Solutions Agreement. Each Amazon Appeal and Plan of Action are unique, and must be approached with regard to the specific facts in each seller’s case. However, there are some common types of suspensions we see everyday.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

What is Amazon listing optimization? Amazon SEO is the process of improving or optimizing your product listing to increase the likelihood that your product will be seen in your product category. An increase in traffic and product visibility results in more sales and a higher ranking in Amazon’s organic search results.